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About The Project

Black-GrouseA group of professional nature recordists from around the globe have collaborated to develop Nature Soundmap, an enjoyable and interactive way of exploring the natural sounds of our planet. Combining high-quality field recordings with the latest satellite imagery, the project brings together some of nature’s most beautiful, interesting and inspiring sounds.

Hear the World Like Never Before

Immerse yourself in a pulsating insect chorus in Borneo’s tropical rainforest, or climb the Himalayas and relax to the melodies of birdsong in an alpine meadow. Use Nature Soundmap to discover the wonderful soundscapes and wildlife sounds of our planet.


Many recordings in the collection are ‘binaural’ soundscapes, in other words, stereo recordings made with two microphones which capture sound in 360 degrees. This recording technique most accurately imitates the natural experience you would hear with your own two ears and provides a realistic representation of all of the sounds in a particular habitat or location. If you sit back, close you eyes and relax while listening to a well-recorded soundscape, it doesn’t take long before you feel like you’re actually there! A good pair of headphones certainly helps enhance the experience.

Individual Species

While the main focus is on whole soundscapes, we have also included selected recordings of individual species which are particularly outstanding or interesting examples of sound in the animal kingdom.

mlsy_00100About The Recordists

A growing team of over 90 nature sound recordists from around the globe have collaborated to make this project a success. The ‘Contributors’ page displays brief overviews for all recordists with links to their individual profile pages.

Support Nature Soundmap

At this stage, the best way to contribute is to visit the individual recordist’s website and purchase one of their cd’s or digital downloads. Much of their own time, energy and expense has gone into capturing the recordings, and the modest reimbursement received from online sales help to support future field trips.

If you are interested in submitting a recording to the project, please visit the ‘Submissions’ page for guidelines.

This website was developed by:

Wild Ambience Nature Sounds
ABN: 76 375 236 943


  1. i L O V E wild ambience..!..

  2. estoy muy feliz de haber encontrado esta página, éxitos amigos!

  3. Wow!! This is totally awesome! You just made my day. Thank you so much for recording all these amazingly incredible nature sounds. I look forward to many enjoyable sound sessions. Excellent!

  4. I’m currently in a Geography course and one of our assignments was to find several types of maps to present to our class. I needed one that had sound and stumbled upon this website. So cool!

  5. it is absolutely awesome. this is what exactly i was expecting to feel about nature.
    hats off to you all guys for this wonderful job.

  6. I can barely put to words how wonderful NatureSoundMap is. For me it is the find of a lifetime. Some words: fascinating, soothing, uplifting, reassuring, restorative…..

  7. Heard about this on the BBC this morning. What a wonderful resource!

  8. Thanking you for your tremendous work – your countless hours have been so gratefully received – You’re most welcome to come to Canada – specifically Northern Ontario -where one bird in 4 different seasons is a pleasure to perceive – and for you to record – wishing you blue skies – Nadine

  9. this is a very special undertaking. AWESOME. TY for making it happen

  10. gracias!!!!!

  11. wonderful, very grateful for these beautiful recordings, reminders of what we have to protect.

  12. This is TED nature sound . Even better, no language barrier.

  13. Thank you. While more people are being separated from the natural world, this provides a bridge for them, and an incentive to experience it first hand when they are able.


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