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Compatibility & Issues

Compatibility & Issues

silver-laptop-icon-psdCurrently Nature Soundmap is best viewed on screens with resolutions larger than 1024 x 768 pixels. Smaller devices and phones sometimes render the website inconsistently.


The ‘Stratus’ audio player at the bottom of the page is a jQuery powered SoundCloud player that enables visitors to listen to SoundCloud tracks.

I’ve spent some time using Nature Soundmap on an iPad mini (1st generation – screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels) with Safari and has good results. However other users have reported problems using iPad & iPad mini with Safari so we will be looking into this to try an achieve a consistent user experience. We’ve also had a report from a Debian user having problems playing the audio.

psd-black-cellphone-iconAndroid devices seem to be working fine as we haven’t had any issues reported, and it has been tested on Google Nexus devices with consistent results with one exception. Google Chrome doesn’t respond to pressing the ‘Listen’ button in the proper way. The track appears to play in the Stratus audio player ( the horizontal audio player at the bottom of the screen) as the play symbol changes from ‘play’ to ‘pause’, however the track does not load. The current solution for this is to press ‘pause’, then press ‘play’ and the track will play normally. We will try to resolve this as soon as possible.

If you find any other bugs or problemms, or have suggestions on how we could improve the site, please fill in & submit the following form.

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