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How to Listen

grey-owl-thumbWe want you to hear the recordings at their best, so here’s a few tips that will help:


  • Try listening with headphones. This works especially well with binaural stereo recordings as you feel more immersed in the scene and it enhances the stereo effect.
  • Listen on decent speakers if possible (many external PC speakers can sound quite good and are usually much better than those on laptops or portable devices).
  • Turn the volume down. Ambient soundscape recordings are usually best listened to a lower levels. Try to imagine how loud the background noise would be in the natural scene and adjust volume to match. Just like in nature, some sections of nature recordings can be very quiet, but there are also louder songs and calls of wildlife. You don’t want to get a sudden fright by having the volume turned up to loud!


  1. This is fantastic….so happy I found this web-site!

    • Amazing! Thanks for bring us away from the messy world

  2. what a joy it is to listen to the forests and the oceans sing their songs. I have seen the giant redwoods, and have inhaled their intoxicating aromas. I close my eyes, adjust my headphones, and I am lost in the enchantment once again….

  3. Amazing sounds,
    But better if they may downloaded to our storage.

  4. This is amazing! Thank you

  5. Thank you so much for transmitting these good vibes!!

  6. That would be great if this can cast to my Google Home Max as ambient sounds!

  7. AMAZING!!! Thank you for creating this one of a kind virtual space!

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