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We welcome submissions to the project. Please read the following guidelines carefully and, if you feel your sound meets the requirements, fill in the form at the bottom of this page. We can’t guarantee your sound will make it on the map, but we will take the time to review it and let you know if it has been accepted.

Types of Sounds

Nature Soundmap has been created with the aim of being an enjoyable resource & a new way of listening to and discovering the wonderful sounds of our planet. The focus is on pure nature sounds from natural habitats and wild places all over the globe. Man-made and other noises such as traffic, machinery, music, talking, dogs barking & cows mooing are avoided where possible. There are a handful of sounds included in the project with some subtle, but undesirable background noise. These are exceptions to the rule, being the only available recording at the time of a particular location or species.

Soundscapes or Species?

As you can see from exploring the sounds, we have a mix of both types of recordings. Regarding individual species, our goal is not to provide a comprehensive coverage of as many species as possible, there are already a number of sites doing that (eg. However we are interested in sounds which represent a particularly impressive, beautiful or interesting vocalization or sound. See the following examples of outstanding single species sounds:


Regarding soundscapes, the goal is to offer sounds from as many different locations as possible, so preference will be given to recordings from new, remote or interesting locations. Audio quality and subject material are also important, as we want to ensure the site remains an enjoyable way to explore the incredible sounds of our planet.

Technical & Editing

rx2Please edit out any handling noise and if possible have the track fade in and out (5 second fade or less is fine). The length of the recording is also considered, and samples of between 2 & 10 minutes are ideal. Using an equalizer can help to remove background rumble and recorder self-noise. If you know how to remove unwanted background noises then please do it, it can make all the difference to an otherwise unusable recording.

Mixes and compilations will be considered, so long as they reflect the original soundscape and haven’t been completely altered. For example some of our recordists have created samples of much longer recordings which are condensed down to a few minutes. However we want it as natural as possible.

Also, stereo recordings are much preferred to mono, although if you have something particularly outstanding only available in mono, feel free to send it through.

On the ‘Helpful Resources’ page a number of good external resources have been listed where you can learn more about nature sound recording techniques and equipment.

If after reading the above guidelines you would like to submit a recording to the project, please complete the following form.



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