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News update – April 2014

News update – April 2014

The last four weeks have been slower than usual on Nature Soundmap, mainly due to a programming hurdle which I’ve been working hard to ‘jump over’*. (see footnote).

Because of this, I’ve been hesitant to invest too much time into adding new content & implementing new ideas until we find a solution. Thankfully a kind web developer has offered to help me out and it is likely the problem will be resolved in the coming few weeks.

_MG_0479Now with this little burden off my shoulders, we’re ready to launch a new ongoing feature of Nature Soundmap – publishing regular articles contributed by our recordists. I’m sure you’d agree that we have a rather eclectic bunch of contributors, and for this reason we decided to draw on some of this wide-ranging experience and share the stories and insights / nature sound recording.

Articles will cover a wide ranges of subjects & include:

  • Stories from the field
  • Technical notes & equipment reviews
  • The science of bioacoustics
  • Species profiles
  • Nature sounds & health

If you’d like to stay up to date with the articles, simply subscribe to the blog via email using the ‘Subscribe via Email’ form in the sidebar of this page, and you’ll receive notifications when new content is published.

Our first contributed article is from Christine Hass entitled “Sonic Memories“, a discussion of how sounds have the ability to take us back to places we’ve been in the past.

* Currently, the way the homepage loads is not ideal – it pre-loads all 300+ listings as well as every image associated with each recording, making the homepage load time slow. I’ve explored a number of solutions to this issue, but ultimately I am out of my depth when it comes to this type of programming & it’s a job for a ‘real’ web developer!

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