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Atilio Doreste
Walker, artist, photographer and phonographer


Tacoronte, Islas Canarias, Spain

Contact Information

Based in Tenerife, I am a professor at the Painting and Sculpture Department of Universidad de La Laguna, and researcher at the University Institute of Social and Political Sciences ULL. Also, I serve as director of the Taller de Acciones Creativas interuniversity and interdisciplinary research group, whose research interests include art, nature and landscape.

Recent projects have included directing the Landscape Workshop in the Canary Islands, Congress NODOS:ON on soundscape, heritage and creativity, and the project Fonoteca de Mar (Septenio, Canarias Cultura en Red). I have been a member of the scientific committee of Campo Adentro, CBA, Fine Art Papers, Bellas Artes Papers ULL, and ASRI Art and society Research Journal.

Other qualifications include Professor of Art and Landscape in Art master of Territory and Landscape, and Director of Photography Aula, ULL.”

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