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Eric Fassbender
Professional field recordist

Wild Eden

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Dr. Eric Fassbender has conducted studies on the effect of music on learning in virtual environments. Through these studies he also became interested in the effect of nature sounds on the listener. When he went on hiking trips into the Australian outback, mountains and bushland he experienced the calming effect that the nature sounds had on his mind, soul and body. Soon after, he started recording these sounds so he could take them back home and listen to them whenever he needed to recharge his batteries.

During my research I have found many examples for the healing power of ambient nature sounds and music, which is the reason why I began to search for those pockets of nature where there are no man-made or human-related sounds (aircrafts, chainsaws, barking dogs, etc.). Usually these locations can only be reached by foot, a couple of hours away from the last outposts of civilisation. I enjoy going even beyond those points as the experience is just so much more intense if I only hear and smell the sounds and scents of nature. However, not everyone has the ability to go to these quiet places and this is the reason why I share my recordings with listeners – to give those who live in locations where they cannot find a quiet place to think, an opportunity to shut off the distractions and find their very own dream.

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