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Juan Pablo Culasso
Professional Field Recordist

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via Soundcloud

My name is Juan Pablo. I was born in Uruguay in 1986 and have been blind since birth.

Since childhood I have always had contact with birds. I appreciate them in an unusual way.

Not being able to see birds doesn’t mean I don’t know them. I observe them in a different way, through their voices. ”


  1. Thank you for sharing. I’ve done the same–Colombia, Costa Rica, Arizona, the Ozarks–using mini disc and shotgun mics, recording stereo for over an hour, sitting there still and silent. Some of the best experiences of my life. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to do more, when/if my life ever allows again. Your website gives me hope!

  2. I am also blind, and I have been birding by ear since the 1970’s. I wish I had absolute pitch. I use a shotgun mic and various Olympus recorders. I also have a Wildtronics amplified parabolic system which I like using, although it’s a bit cumbersome to carry.

    • Feel free to submit some of your recordings to the website Jerry. If you feel you have some interesting recordings of good quality, go to the Submission page and use the form at the bottom of that page.

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