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Marc Anderson
Founder of Nature Soundmap
Professional field recordist & photographer

Sydney, Australia


Wild Ambience
Marc Anderson Photography

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I have always had a love for nature. At about the age of 14, I made birdwatching my hobby, enjoying the discovery and satisfaction that comes with seeing new species for the first time. Since then my interest has only grown and I still feel like a big kid with lots to learn.

My photography career also started as a hobby, but after some years and much encouragement from others, I eventually found a way to make a living from it, although it has often meant supplementing my nature and travel photography with working for commercial and corporate clients.

In recent years I have become fascinated with the sounds of nature – bioacoustics. While photography captures one dimension of nature, sound recording opens up a new world of discovery. With the excellent sound equipment available today, I love being able to capture what I feel is even more evocative and more accurate than a visual image, an audio image of a particular location and moment in time. ”


  1. Astonishing! I have just finished listening to the Empress Cicadas and I can hardly believe I am on Earth! Thank you for making possible for anyone to hear the unbelievable richness of sounds the natural world speaks.

  2. Amazing,magical and great work!
    Thank you.

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