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Richard Fair
Field recordist & audio producer

United Kingdom
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I’ve always been interested in audio and in particular radio. I worked in commercial and BBC radio for over twenty years and even though I’ve now moved on I’m still passionate about the ‘craft’ of creating interesting features.

Podcasting gives me the opportunity to continue my interest as a hobby and as I’m selfishly doing it for me, I don’t have to worry too much about guidelines, styles and demanding producers!

Some of what I do is what I’d call pure journalism and while I’m still keen to learn new methods and experiment I think that that art of telling a story well is what separates the good from the not as good. Hopefully one day I’ll get it right.

A Gentleman’s Walk is all about me and what interests me as I travel around the house, garden, city, county, country or, occasionally, the world. I’m always happy to hear of new as well as established places to visit and things to do in and around Norfolk UK.”

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