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Tim Lewis
Professional sound recordist and production manager

Handcrafted Films


London, United Kingdom

Contact Information

I have been working as a sound recordist, editor, camera operator and production manager for the past eight years. My experience includes making a variety of films and documentaries for the charities and arts sector with Handcrafted Films, an award winning production-company I co-direct. I also freelance as a sound recordist, camera operator and editor for a variety of agencies, production companies and broadcasters, contributing on numerous projects ranging from feature length documentaries, to small art promos, glossy celebrity portraits and channel idents for clients such as the BBC, Nat Geo, Discovery and Sky.

Recent clients have included the Ford Foundation, Right Angle Films, MPG Media, Anglo Films, Surgery PR, Lee Publicity, BT, Sharp Cookies, Sugarland Productions, Rough Cut Productions, British Film Council, Essential Cinema, Amnesty International, DFID, UK Aid, Friends of the Earth.

My work has taken me to many difficult and challenging locations whether filming semi nomadic communities in the rainforests of Borneo or the Amazon, interviewing former political prisoners and refugees on the Thai-Burma border, following civil rights campaigners through war torn Liberia and the Congo or climbing volcanoes and glaciers in Iceland. ”

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