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Dawn in Plačkův les

Dawn in Plačkův les

Plačkův les, Jižní Morava

Czech Republic
Location: Plačkův les, Jižní Morava, Czech Republic
Habitat: Floodplain forest
Notes: Dawn chorus from floodplain forest in South Moravia. More info
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Trefechan Brook

Trefechan Brook


Recordist: Huw McGregor
Location: Penycae, Wales
Habitat: River
Notes: A variety of birdsong by a flowing river in North Wales. Species recorded include Common Blackbird, Blue Tit, Chaffinch, Coal Tit, Great Tit, Greenfinch & Eurasian Wren.
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Lekking Black Grouse
Recordist: Tapani Relander
Location: Putkilahti, Finland
Habitat: Boreal forest
Notes: The unusual sounds of lekking Black Grouse (Tetrao tetrixis) is commonly heard in spring in the boreal taiga forests of Finland. More info
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Swans on the Seashore
Recordist: Valerie Quade
Location: Austurland, Iceland
Habitat: Coast
Notes: A gathering of about 100 Mute Swans at dawn on the seashore of Iceland. More info
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