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Does this website work on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets?

Nature Soundmap is best viewed on devices with medium to large-sized screens. The site works on Android, Windows and iOS platforms and it is recommended for displays with a resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels. A simpler version on the site should automatically appear when viewing on a smaller tablet and some smartphones. Smartphones with relatively low resolution screens are not well-suited for navigating Nature Soundmap.


On the homepage, it’s difficult to click on a sound map marker when it is very close to another one, what can I do?

Zoom in closer. We are looking into options to make this aspect of navigation more user friendly, but in the meantime, zoom in closer until the sound markers are far enough apart to click them individually.


Untitled-1Can I download any of the recordings?

That depends. All recordings remain the intellectual property of the original recordists, so whether a file is available to download will depend if the owner of the file has made it downloadable or not on their Soundcloud page.

You can see if that is the case by looking on the Soundcloud player bar at the bottom of the home page. The tab with the small grey downward pointing arrow is the download button (see picture on the left) – if you can see this button, you can download, if not, you can’t. Also, please note that sounds which are downloadable are made available for your personal listening only – see the following question for more information.


How can I use the recordings?

Unless otherwise stated, all of the recordings on Nature Soundmap are protected by rights-managed or ‘All Rights Reserved’ type licenses. This means that you can play them only for personal use, unless specific written permission is obtained from the copyright owner of the recording to use the recording in some other way.

If you would like to use any of the sounds for a website, project or any other type of commercial or non-commercial use, please contact the respective recordist to discuss your requirements, or you can send details through our contact page and we would be happy to pass the details on the recordist in your behalf.


Can I contribute a sound recording to the project?

We love to hear new sounds & welcome new contributors. In order for a sound to be considered, please read the guidelines on the ‘Submissions’ page.


  1. Is there an app in the works? Would love to have my phone off with meditating while listening to nature.

  2. Hope it could be an APP to listen connected or randomly sounds on different areas.

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