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A Night in the Wild

A Night in the Wild

Stora Flyten Nature Reserve,


Recordist: Håkan Olsson
Location: Stora Flyten Nature Reserve, Sweden
Habitat: Temperate forest and wetland
Notes: Exceptional recording of Black-throated Loons calling at night on a lake. The reverberation is amazing. It gets even better when a family of wolves join in and start howling. More info


  1. You are fantastic!Everything so beautiful! The wolves sounded like people singing! I assume you haven´t “faked” this sound? You´re a fantastic photographer!

    • I’ll pass the message on to Håkan Olsson who made the video & recorded the sound. You might also like to see some of his other timelapse videos work at . This audio is real & natural, although the loons & wolves were recorded on two separate recordings & brought together to create a ‘soundtrack’ for this timelapse video.

      • Thanks to Hakan. It’s good job. God bless..

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